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How secure is your e mail system? Our simple-to-use software enables our clients to distribute confidential information, or to securely exchange documentation, via their website.

For bulk document distribution, our CedexPlus software is more secure than using unencrypted e mail, but still saves postage, stationery and printing costs. Alternatively, to securely exchange documents with third parties, use our CedexPro software.

Data security is important to your business. For more information about this, please read our blog.

How it works

CedexPlus and CedexPro both use password-protected web portals which are connected to your existing website by a simple link (click on the "client login" link at the bottom of this screen to see how this simple link works).

The documents you place in the portals can be accessed by any person in or outside of your organisation to whom you provide a password, but not by anybody else. With CedexPro, your clients and customers can also securely send documents back to you.

Putting documents in either the CedexPlus or CedexPro portal is as simple as attaching a file to an e mail. Apart from a user licence, there is no requirement to purchase a new website (or anything else) to use Cedex software.

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