Security and Service

Cedex software is secure by design.

Access to your documents is protected by two-factor authentification including a randomly-generated 10-digit password (or a password of your choice).

The program provides a secure transit for your data whilst 'in flight' from your computer to your intended recipient by using certified 256 bit SSL encryption. You can see and click on the encryption certificate on our client login page and check its validity.

The program also automatically encrypts your data as it leaves your computer and it is held in encrypted form whilst it is 'at rest' in our server. When the data is downloaded by the recipient to read it, it is automatically decrypted by the program to enable it to be read by the recipient. No user intervention is required to operate the encryption or the decryption of your data.

Your data is further protected whilst at rest by the layered security of a Datacentre which is located within the UK.

Cedex software was designed and commissioned by us. Cedex software is also administered directly by us. We are not re-sellers, we own the software. It is not available from anywhere else so we can offer a truly partner led service to our clients.

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